PUBReC Seminar Series

Date of Presentation

Name of the Project

Lead Investigator (s)

Probable presenters

21st February 2024

Germplasm conservation of edible mushrooms

Edith Muwawa

Edith, Joyce, Mercy Korir

19th March 2024

Cashew project/CRSPR technology studies

Wilton Mbinda

Wilton, Isoe, Denis Mukhebi

16th April 2024

ESIA study

Sammy Musee Wambua

Sammy, Rodney, Irene, Salome, Daniel

21st May 2024

Degrading enzymes from microbial pesticides

Lenny Mwagandi

Lenny, Amana, Morris, James

18th June 2024

Agroval and bio-fuel projects

Suhaila Omar Hashim

Suhaila, Rewe, Simon, Zonia,

16th July 2024

ISDS studies

Rose Kigathi

Rose, Henry, Oscar

20th August 2024

Malaria immunology studies

Cheryl Andisi Kivisi

Cheryl, Joel

17th September 2024

Turtle Immunogenetics studies

Sammy Musee Wambua

Sammy, Salome, Rodney,

15th October 2024

Optimizing nutrient supplementation

Martin Rono

Martin, Alison, James Njunge, Jacky, Robert

19th November 2024

Elephant genomics

Sammy Musee Wambua

Sammy, Andrew Tighe

16th December 2024

IR-CNV study

David Mburu

David, Eunice

Note: The time allocated is from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm on those dates, kindly co-operate



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